Thursday, July 17, 2008

Diagnosis: Schizophrenia

Yes folks, I have now fully diagnosed the Lebanese condition. I've reached the conclusion that we are all suffering from an acute attack of schizophrenia.

Here we are all sitting at home watching the prisoner release on TV, should we be happy that samir kuntar is finally out of Isreali Jails after thirty years, and that his 70 year old mother got to see him, or should we be a little more subdued at the fact that he may have actually killed a four year old child and is therefore a criminal rather than a war hero? Should we believe what the Israelis said about him or is this just more Israeli propaganda? Should we celebrate his return or mourn the 1500 people who died to get him here?

What do we think about the fact that Saad was kissing the released hizballah members when other hizballah members were attacking Beirut and shelling the mountains just a few weeks ago, and in all probability if these four were not in Isreali jails they would have taken part in the attack? Should we be happy that one of the realeased prisoners got to see his son for the first time or should I start worrying about how he's going to raise this son to be Loyal to Al wali al Faqih first, Lebanon second?

Should we be happy that Hizballah held the upper hand and didn't tell the Isrealis if the soldiers were dead or alive, or should we think it would have been a little more humane of them to tell the families that they were dead? Should we even be caring what these Isreali families which have repeatedly sent its soldiers to kill our children feel, or are we becoming too insensetive if we don't?

And after all the hugs and kisses and (white suits) should we be happy that we are (at least temporarily) at a calm point or should we already be worrying about the next war?

I think I'm going to stop now before my brain splits in two.