Tuesday, September 25, 2007

things currently going on in this country, incase you're interested.

There's the arrest of an Israeli-German-Jewish-Muslim-Gay guy with a boyfriend from internal security forces, who's gun has was found at a murder scene with the dead body.

There's the useless opening of Parliament for the first time in months which resulted in no voting and no new president.

....and there's a terrorist maniac on the loose that everyone has conveniently forgotten about in that usual Lebanese way (if we don't think about it , it doesn't exist).

Just another normal day in Lebanon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

OK, that was an emotional response yesterday. I literally vented out the minute I heard the news, if you are Lebanese, I think you'd understand.

I am so utterly and completely fed up with this situation, the chaos, the murders, the corruption, the playing with our fate for ulterior motives. Every time they kill one of the politicians, they also take with him a few innocent bystanders, that's so many families devastated that day, so much death and destruction visited upon us by these agents of misery and evil.

So once again I give my condolences to all those who lost members of their families yesterday. May the souls of all those who died rest in peace.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another one down....

Yes folks, over here in Lebanon, you don't need to win any elections, you can just paralyze the country and wait till enough of the majority is assasinated, 'cause that is a sure fire way that they lose their majority.

If you are of a sensetive nature please stop reading now, what I am going to say is not very eloquent but will express exactly how I feel right at this moment:

Fuck Hizballah the traitors. You have betrayed the people of your own country, you have stood with their killers against your own brothers.

Fuck all of March 8 all together and every little useless hizbs that makes them up.

Especially fuck Aoun, hey Aoun baby , another one has died you wanna run for his seat? What an opportunity, it can't be missed.

Fuck the Iranian Government and all their backwards rulers, and fuck the people who are letting them influence this country, as if we didn't have enough backwards neanderthals living here already, you now go and import some from a foreign country.

But most of ALL and the biggest SCREW YOU and FUCK YOU goes to Bashar and the whole Assad Family and their Syrian Mafia.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Israelis send jet fighters to Syrian airspace: what will Syrians do in return?

Whatever the cause of this mission, testing Syrian air defenses, checking on weapons load going to hizballah, testing out a route to bomb Iran, or checking for new nuclear installations, we now wait with baited breath at the Syrian reply!

Will they send Syrian jet fighters back to bomb (or the latest euphemism for bombing"drop munitions") on the Israelis and violate their airspace in return? Will they send a few warning rockets into the North of Israel?Will they launch a major offensive to free the Golan Heights?

Ha ha ha, yeh sure.

They complained to the UN and they will do absolutely nothing else. Our dear regional bullies are a bunch of big fat COWARDS.
They'll just hope that the incident will "go away" with time as people move on to other news. Isn't that what they have always done?

Old Joke: how long will the Syrians fight the Israelis? Answer: till the last Lebanese breath.
The strange case of Shaker el-Abssi..

There is a body lying in the morgue, and nobody knows who it is.

The wife still insists it's el-Abssi, he was also identified by the religious sheiks from the camp who were trying to mediate with fateh-al islam during the war, but the DNA tests comparing his DNA to his children's and brother's DNA show it is not him. What's going on here?

From the wife's side several things could be going on:
1) the most logical is that the woman lied so that her husband would have as much time as possible to get away
2) or she didn't lie, the wounds were so extreme she made a mistake
3) she cheated on her husband and his kids aren't his (though that doesn't explain the brother's DNA not matching)

From the DNA side
1) they messed up the DNA test - though this is highly unlikely
2) the DNA test gives a 99.99 chance that it is right, well that means there is a 0.01 chance it is wrong, and maybe the statistical jackpot has just struck this time.

From Shaker al-Abssi's side
1) Maybe this was never Shaker el-abssi in the first place , just someone impersonating him, and everyone including his wife has been fooled into thinking it was him (I mean she couldn't have seen much of him during his life, what with him being in prison and fighting one cause after the other).

Okay that last one is a bit of a stretch, I've been watching way too much TV lately (coupled with my Arabic disposition to seeing conspiracies behind every event).

The most likely thing is that his wife is a lying cow and the man either escaped or is lying under the rubble of Naher el Bared somewhere.

Monday, September 10, 2007

BBC:Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been deported within hours of returning from exile....

....will Saad H. please come back to Lebanon now? We do have a few "issues" pending over here if you hadn't noticed.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Naharnet Newsdesk: Aoun Hints at Formation of Parallel Government...

...which will be immediately recognised by Syria and Iran and no one else and will thus function very very very effectively. Yislamleh habalo, did he not learn the lesson from the last time he did the "parallel" thing?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Al-Nahar:DNA Result Reportedly Did Not Match Abssi's

Oh F*%k, S%#t and B%*&$%!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lessons from Naher el Bared

The victory of our Army against the maniacs in Naher el Bared has united the Lebanese for the first time across most of their factions behind one cause, a very rare situation in Lebanon. A few lessons might be learned by different stakeholders in this conflict:

1) any Lebanese idiot who supported al-qaeda extremist salafist idiotic ideology will now have to think twice about acting on or voicing such an opinion, so al-qaeda's support base in Lebanon is more or less annihilated for the time being (a point discussed by Mustapha on his blog, Beirut Spring)

2) the army's prestige and uniting presence has been elevated to its highest point I can remember. Their inginuity and bravery in the battle (are they going to patent the helicopter manual bombing system?) and the fact that they won despite an utter lack of resources, only reminds makes us more grateful and supporting of them.

3) Hizballah lost points by setting a red line which was crossed and erased, as well as by the fact that their fighters/weapons were seen as not useful to the WHOLE of Lebanon, only being mobilised by their religious leaders for one area of the country, and against only one enemy.

4) The Palestinians will hopefully have learnt not to harbour such foreign criminals inbetween them and allow them to grow and fester (the palestinain salafi's are another problem they need to solve).

5) That's one camp that hopefully will never be allowed to self police or carry weapons ever again (if you believe the media sources), 3qbal the other camps. What other country on Earth is FORCED to allow non-citizens to carry weapons I ask you?

Sunday, September 02, 2007


It is over. Lebanon won.

Thankyou to all our brave soldiers who fought and died for their country.
Thankyou to the Red Cross Workers, always willing to perform their duty even in the line of fire.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

poor old Suleiman...

Have a pity on poor old Suleiman. The peace loving imbecile believes he is surrounded by murdering assassins out to get his buddies. I mean really, can anyone imagine Sanioura "out for the kill"?
Why does anyone still give this idiot airtime?