Monday, February 23, 2009

The Hague wants the Generals

Naharnet is reporting that the Hague has asked for the transfer of the four Generals over to them.

We can go one better, we will give them another General for free, it's a good deal: five for the price of four, please take him too......please.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

St. Valentine's Day.....

If you are Lebanese, St. Valentine's day can mean one of many many things:

1) a day of celebration of love
2) a great day for flower sales/ restaurant bookings (florists/restaurateurs)
3) a day to mourn a massacre (M14)
4) a day to show you still care about the massacre (M14)
5) a day to check you still have the numbers to get votes in an election (M14)
6) a day to avoid watching any TV in case you see how many people don't agree with you (M8)
7) a day to criticize (salafists who think it's blasphemous to enjoy yourself in any way whatsoever/ also people who see it as big marketing propaganda joke)

Pick or combine whatever numbers you want.

As for me, as always, the morning is for Hariri.....and the evening for Habibi.

16.2.09 addendum
lets add another one shall we?
8) a day to kill someone who's political opinion differs from yours as they're passing through your street (M8 Shitheads)