Friday, December 29, 2006

Today's Examples of idiots on both sides....

Hizballah/Manar for choosing Hmadeh as the one who apparently pointed out the location of Nasrallah to the Americans and Israelis during the war, I mean ha ha ha you idiots, out of all the M14 you could have chosen you pick this one?


Jumblatt for his ridiculous accusation that Hizballah was involved in the assassinations, thanks J', we really needed more shit-talk out there in the air, the crap already floating around apparently wasn't enough.

Our eternal thanks to all these wonderful politicians for trying to bring us closer together as a people.......

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Eid Mubarak, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
May the new year bring peace to Lebanon and peace of mind to the Lebanese.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New TV's Idiot Employees

So these wonderful " journalists" decided to break in to Siddiq's Apartment to run their own investigation on the Harriri Murder. Apparently Brammertz isn't doing a good enough job and they wanted to give him a hand. They didn't see the guy stationed by the security forces with instructions to watch the apartment who took pictures of them breaking and entering. They didn't bother with gloves, leaving their fingerprints all over the place. They also decided to take a few choice documents and videos from the apartment.

All this I can understand. They're just your basic garden variety idiots (I'll ignore conspiracy theories for now). What I don't understand is the uproar against them being arrested: apparently arresting them violates the "freedom of the press". I didn't realize freedom of the press meant freedom to break the law, become thieves, and tamper with evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation.
Hooray for our twisted interpretations of freedom, it's what's keeping our country so "civilized".

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finally the truth straight from his mouth.......

The real reason Hizballah took the streets as described by Nasrallah himself to Al-Arabi Newspaper.....

دعونا نسألكم بصراحة سماحة السيد، يبدو للمراقبين أن المحرك الأكبر خلف تحركاتكم كمعارضة هو موضوع المحكمة الدولية الخاصة بقتلة الحريرى، ترى هل تخشون هذه المحكمة؟ وهل موضوع الثلث الضامن هو محاولة استباق لإجهاضها؟ -- أجاب: دعنى أصارحك وأصارح الأمة كلها، لقد كنا أول من وافق على هذه المحكمة من حيث المبدأ، ومازلنا نوافق ولكن طالبنا بأن نضع ضمانات وضوابط حتى لا تتحول الى سيف مصلت على رقاب اللبنانيين وأداة ابتزاز وحصار للمقاومة.. ضمانات للبحث الفعلى عن الحقيقة فى جريمة اغتيال الشهيد رفيق الحريرى والتى تهمنا وتهم كل الشرفاء فى لبنان والمنطقة ربما قبل أن تهم أغلب فريق 14 آذار الذين تاجروا ولا يزالون يتاجرون بدم الرجل، ولأذكر لك هنا واقعة محددة لتعرف من خلالها كيف يفكر ويخطط الأمريكى لاستثمار هذه المحكمة لمصالحه ولمصالح اسرائيل فقبل أيام من رحيله غير المأسوف عليه أكد جون بولتون المندوب الأمريكى فى مجلس الأمن لأحد الوزراء اللبنانيين صرح لنا هنا السيد نصر الله باسمه ولكننا لن ننشره احتراما لرغبة السيد وقال له نصا: أعطونا قرار المحكمة وموافقتكم عليه نعطيكم رأس حسن نصر الله وزمرة المعارضين من السنة والشيعة والدروز وغيرهم فى أقل من أسبوع واحد، طبعا الأمريكى سيتمكن من ذلك حتما بالتلفيق والتزوير والتدليس وعبر المؤامرات كما هو حاصل فى العراق وغيرها من بلادنا التى نكبت به، حاولنا عبر الحوار الشاق أن نحصن قرار المحكمة ذات الطابع الدولى بضوابط وطنية لا تسمح باستغلاله إلا أننا فشلنا، وأمام ذلك وأمام غيره من ممارسات الحكومة اضطررنا للنزول الى الشارع والى فرض مطالبنا عبر الوسائل الديمقراطية.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ana bikrah Isra-eel wa ba7ib Amr Moussa.......

Mr Moussa is leaving, having disclosed very little about his meetings. He promises us a solution within two can only hope. There's a new formula in the works (10+1+19) and talk about meetings regarding the tribunal, and something about removing the guy who still thinks he is president. I wonder why Mr. Moussa is leaving at this critical juncture? Probably, he just needs a break from Lebanese Politics. It is well known to be detrimental to your health if not taken in small divided doses.

In the meantime, PM Sanioura is in Russia which begs the question of what is the use of surrounding someone in the Serail when they can "escape" whenever they want.

I've noticed less coverage of downtown and other Lebanese problems lately, it seems the world is getting a little bored with us.

Monday, December 11, 2006

And now for something completely different ....

Jean Claude Rabbath of Lebanon won the gold medal in the men's high jump at the Asian Games in Qatar! YAY!

Good for him, we're totally proud!

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's all Sanioura's fault......

The war was in no way a result of Hizballah's actions.

Now we know the dirty secret: the war was caused by PM Sanioura. He personally called up Olmert and told him to destroy the country. The war had nothing to do with a trap set up by the Israelis for months, waiting for Nasrallah to make his idiotic move.
What's more the ISF traitors were actively looking for Nasrallah during the war so that they could tag him for the Israelis. Hmmmm.....are we getting a little paranoid buddy?

I saw Sanioura a few days before the war, walking downtown, smiling at the people and their families having a nice early evening stroll. Didn't strike me as a man planning to annihilate his own country. Of course, I must be mistaken, because Nasrallah tells me that he himself is the only patriotic person left in Lebanon. Everybody who disagrees with him apparently, must be in collusion with the enemy.

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's all starting to unravel.....

A young man died yesterday. A mother lost her son, a sister lost her brother. He was only twenty years old. What did the people who organized this think was going to happen if they start an "open ended" provocation . If they had made their statement on their first day and left it at that, this young man might still be alive. Did they really think they were going to be able to control everyone all the time to keep it "peaceful". And I fear it's only going to get worse.

I hope Hassan Nasrallah knows that this young man's blood is on his hands now, whoever pulled the trigger.

What I don't understand about the opposition is that they demand and demand and demand but are not willing to give up anything in return. All take and no give. No give Lahoud, no give weapons, no give firm OK for tribunal. They could have so rejoined the government for one session to OK the tribunal and then resigned again to prove their honest intentions. But no , they talk the talk -they claim they will OK the tribunal (just give them veto power) and once they get the Veto they'll start: but in the UN?With Europeans judging our dear Syrian friends? With so and so as the judge? No let's have the tribunal here and let everybody get away with murder as usual, or better still the Syrians try their own citizens in Syria.

I'm sick of it all.

Here's a piece of advice for Hizballah, if you want to achieve your goals, how about giving as well as taking?

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Phew, finally!
I thought they'd never get it done.
Apparently they're going to live in tents till the PM leaves office. I hope they brought lots of blankets, its winter, and its going to be a long long long wait till never.

Glad it all went by without incident though, kudos to all sides for keeping the peace, but most love to our Army for doing it just right.