Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well, what can one say when one's country is slowly sliding back to civil war?

Nothing. Its all out of our hands now, the thugs and hooligans have taken over. The rest of us will stay at home and pray for it to be over, like we did last time.

So Nasrallah, and Aoun, you still want to escalate? more than this? In case you're going to claim later that you had no idea what would happen (like you claimed this summer) let me be the first to tell you: if you escalate more than this our country will be dragged back into civil war. And no fatwa from you or anybody else will be able to stop it. Maybe if you hadn't brought the people to the streets this could have been averted. Maybe if your strikes didn't involve lighting fires to provoke the other side this could have been averted. Maybe if this stayed between the politicians (or even just downtown Itissam -imagine, I am now longing for the time of the downtown blockades) instead of moving into people's neighbourhoods this could have been averted.

So now the zo3ran on all sides are out and loving it. Snipers are killing university students in the streets. Rioters are rampaging downtown. Civilians are being killed left and right. And for what? For some idiot to claim he won all the points in his argument.

Well allow me to say my fuck you's before I go to bed

Fuck every person in this country who owns a weapon and is not in our army.
Fuck any politican who sends any of his followers into the street for whatever reason.
Fuck those followers for being so easily led.
Fuck every sniper, may you be caught and thrown off the top of the building you are holed up in you piece of chicken shit
Fuck every fire-lighter whether be it a wheel or an office for the side you don't agree with
Fuck every politician who utters the word escalate

Fuck this idiot who still has hope for her country despite everything. I wish I would just give up and accept the inevitable. Sadly, my brain won't let me so I have to be tortured every day with the if only's and the maybe's.
The Army

I don't know why all the fuss about the army's behaviour, each side is actually blaming the army for acting in collusion with the other side. This of course means that the army actions were totally centered.
I think the army were acting under very stressful circumstances and the fact that civil war did not break out on Tuesday was mainly due to them standing there and preventing it from happening.

If Nasrallah thinks civil war didn't break out because of the indibat of his Indibat, then he is more delusional that I think. But my favorite crazyman of the moment is Orangina who says that the strike was a success (despite reports of between 5-8 people dying- of course to him they don't really matter as long as it gets him to the chair) because 90% of the people didn't go to work. He unfortunately was ignoring the fact that those who were FORCED to stay at home despite wanting to go to work shouldn't count in his delusional equation. Yay for their clean and honest politics!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Up in Flames

Beirut is up in flames. As if we didn't need any more pollution now we have to contend with the burning tires and rubble bussed in to close off our streets.

I wonder if these people understand that they are encroaching on someone else's living space? Would they accpet the March 14ers "peacefully" burning tires in Dahieh and not say anything?When they protested downtown, they claimed they were facing off with the government , is there a government ministry I don't know about on Mar Elias? Corniche el Mazraa? El- Raouche?

Is this the kind of democracy they are meaning to educate us about? The kind where I don't want to let you go to and therefore I will enforce my will on yours since I don't care that you want to go to work. You do as I say or I'll burn the house down?

They've repeatedly told us how clean they are and how dirty we all supposedly are. Well look above you at the skies you blackened with your own hands, and tell me how clean we all feel today.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Halutz just resigned because of Lebanon. Does that mean in a few years time they'll make him prime-minister? That's their usual pattern!

In the meantime, Hizballah have warned that they're going to block off all the major roads in the country. I'm assuming they mean all the major roads where they don't live, because God forbid, their areas get a feel any of the "I3tisam" crap, I'm sure the Dahieh will have open thoroughfares.

In the meantime, Iranian parlimentarians are protesting against Ahadinejad because of Iran's poor economy. Where is all their oil money going I wonder? Perhaps Ahadinejad and Khamineii should concentrate on fixing their own country instead of interfering in mine.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Question

I was wondering , with all this talk of compromise (or lack of it), what is the single most important issue in the negotiations for each side? What I mean is, if you go ask a M14 and an M8 supporter: if you had to choose one non-negotiable issue that would be green-lighted for you , what would it be?

For me personally, it would be the International Tribunal. Everything else is negotiable (some issues more easily than others).

What would that one essential issue be for a March 8 supporter? The weapons? The electoral reform? That specific president?

I know this is too simplistic an approach, but it would be interesting to know.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The calm before the storm?
Judging by the less than stellar Ministry demonstrations, the opposition seems to be loosing steam but have arrived at this point without achieving any of their objectives. I find this slightly worrying since Hizballah are at a point where they won't (or can't) take no for an answer. What are they going to do next? Peaceful demonstrations have not worked and the opposition have threatened to take it up a notch . What's that notch entail? Have they reached a point where they are cutting off their nose to spite their face? Have they reached a point where they will take down the whole country because their demands have not been met?

How long is this shit going to go on before BOTH SIDES COME BACK TO THE TABLE AND COMPROMISE?