Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Happy Happy

The best things about election day:
M14 won (Yay)
No major security incidents.
Blue thumbs.
President Carter (love him).
The way Ziad Baroud's hair kept getting crazier and crazier as the day went on :)

Unbelievably, we truely are a democracy.

Well done Lebanon.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Elections Tomorrow

Dear Lebanese people,

Go elect tomorrow, but please, whatever happens, whomever wins, keep it calm and civilized. Free and democratic elections mean that sometimes, you have to live with a result you don't want.

If M14 wins, Hooray,

If M8 wins, lets see what they can do. If Lebanon suddenly becomes a bastion of uncorrupted well organized, well run government as they claim they can make it, then fine by me.

If they fall flat on their faces, realise that things are easier said then done, and that they can't shift the blame onto anyone else anymore; if they start the inevitable in-fighting because they finally realise (what we have known all along) that idealistically they in fact agree on nothing, and that having Iran run the show maybe isn't all that great, then well, (and this is directed at the Aounis in particular): we told you so.

Whatever happens , we'll get through it as we've gotten through other crap before. Just as long as nobody lifts a gun in another person's face.