Saturday, September 23, 2006

Well, what can I say, I don't agree with most of what was said at the rally yesterday. The only thing we agree about is the fact that the Lebanese fighters were extremely brave and strong in the face of the enemy and won all the ground battles. We are all proud that they are Lebanese and they served their country well.

About the rest of it, I disagree. I find it abominable that we are celebrating when so many people have died, so much infrastructure and so many buildings were brought down, so much of the economy was decimated, and so much hope and trust in the future has been destroyed.

For now, in Lebanon, I am still allowed to disagree. Considering the people he lauded (bashar, khaminiei) I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be allowed to disagree, because in the countries they represent nobody is allowed to disagree with the ruling authorities.

We have an evil, inhuman, and heartless enemy called Israel, let us make all the decisions about dealing with them together. There are other people in this country and their opinions must be taken into account for Lebanon to function as a viable entity. We all have a right to a say in the decisions that affect the fate of our country.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ok, he apologized. I must say I didn't expect it, but was relieved he did. It must have been very difficult for a man of his stature, but in this day and age, he must know that his words have implications that affect more than just his congregation. Luckily no one went crazy over this in Lebanon (this time), the criticism was voiced in a civilized manner, rather than being acted out in the way of barbarians. Hey, maybe there's hope for us yet.

Now lets forget about it and move on, we have a lot of more important things to worry about, we have a country to rebuild structurally, financially and emotionally.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Today, the words of the new Pope really made me miss Pope John Paul II. He was a man with carefully studied and balanced words that tried to bridge divides and link the whole of humanity to each other.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are any other Lebanese as tired of Lebanese politicians as I am?

I'm sick of all the endless talk, the hidden agendas, the backstabbing , the maneuvering for the best positions. Every five minutes somebody appears on TV and rants and raves about other politicians or sect leaders and their deficiencies and mistakes, conveniently ignoring their own deficiencies and mis-steps.

Can we have new politicians please?
......who are not religious leaders so that we are allowed to criticize them without being accused of insulting a religious sect?
......who are not surgically attached to their political seats?
......who will serve in their position rather than try to make more money for themselves out of it ?
......who are not all related to each other one way or another?
......who have no blood on their hands?
......who don't identify themselves with one group of Lebanese, but identify all Lebanese as one group?

Is this just too much wishful thinking?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm with the Lebanese Government. I think the Government had a lot on its plate during a War that was foisted on us, and I think the Government was instrumental in ending the War through diplomatic maneuvering.

Having said all that , I completely disagree with what they did yesterday. How on earth could they allow Tony Blair to set foot in this country? This man stood and watched while our children were butchered. He refused to advocate a ceasefire, he allowed weapons carrying US planes to stopover in the UK on their way to Israel, he firmly stood on the Israeli side of the equation during the war while they committed all kinds of war crimes in our land. How on Earth could they let such a depraved individual into this country? His own people have shunned him, I suggest we do the same.

Friday, September 08, 2006

So who are the Israelis kidding with this blockade? They claim that they're trying to stop weapons arriving to Hezbollah, when we all know the main route of arrival was always via Syria, and the road to Syria has been open for weeks. So yesterday they lifted the air blockade, but they've kept the sea blockade for another two days. Typical Israeli posturing. When are they going to just come to terms with the fact that their strategy for this war was a complete fiasco from beginning to end?
In the meantime, it lifts the heart to see the first MEA plane arriving directly to Beirut's Harriri International Airport. Hooray for us Lebanese, we've been here for thousands of years and may we stay for thousands more.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lt. Col. Shehadeh, who has been investigating the Harriri murder, himself escaped an assassination attempt today. Four of his aides and bodyguards died. God save Lebanon from its neighbours, if it's not one committing murder and mayhem, it's the other.
At least we have the sea on the remaining side, although the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if we get hit by a tidal wave just to complete the circle.