Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well folks , spring is around the corner.
Unfortunately for us in Lebanon instead of the usual "shakeshkik" we have a new flowering variety: the nitro-b(l)oom. It is coming up everywhere. Some foreign power has payed for, sown and fertilized this year's growing season and is now sitting back to await the harvest.

In case you've lost count, we now have bombs planted in cars, bombs planted on buses, bombs planted in apartment buildings, bombs planted in the trash, bombs planted in car tyres , liquid bombs planted in the camps, and hot off the presses a bomb planted at the Greek Orthodox Archbishopric in Saida.

Doesn't our seed catalogue carry a wide and exiting amount of variety this year?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Persian Question

Apparently whether we like it or not, our fate has now been linked with that of Iran. Ya farhet kalbna. As if we didn't have enough problems on our own frontiers, we are now to pay and suffer for whatever happens in a country that is thousands of miles away.

The biggest fear of course is if Bush & Co are idiotic enough to bomb Iran. The Israelis will do their utmost to encourage this. If Iran is bombed, then Hizballah "7hay-jen jnounon" and Lebanon will probably be sacrificed for "the cause".

As it is Ahmadinejad has now informed us that Iran and Lebanon are two limbs on the same body, with Lebanon apparently being the wounded limb. In my opinion, on this body, Ahmadinejad is an altogether different appendage.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Lebanese take over the Calendar

I'm starting to mix up all the calender days now, we have March 8, March 14, Feb14, Dec 1, & March11. Anybody still interested in March , you better hurry up, the dates are going fast, however we would like to point out that there are several months complaining that they are being totally ignored.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

addendum 6.3.07: yes , an addendum at the top of the post, having re-read this after a month, I feel this post really needs a warning that it is a "bit much", even for me, so only read on if you're a "true blue" ...

Feb 14th

Here we are again. I can't believe it's been two years since they killed him and all those with him in that convoy. He wasn't perfect and like any human, he made mistakes, but nobody in their right mind can deny that this man loved his country and made a huge effort to pull it out of the pit it was in after the civil war.

I wonder what he would have thought of the state we are in now?

I haven't been watching future TV much lately mainly because I think they have lowered their standards down to those of the poisonous Manar, but today I switched it on and listened to a song where the lyrics included "I didn't tell you that I loved you" which may seem soppy but made me cry. About a couple of years before they killed him I saw him walking in down-town, he seemed very approachable with very little security detail then, but I didn't have the gumption to go up to him to say thank you for all he did for this country. I thought I would get the chance some day but I was not allowed that chance. I really regret not going up to him that day.

So here goes nothing: if there is any way you can hear me
....thank you.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Day Another Tragedy

What can you say about this country? Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. When will this ever end? How much are we supposed to bear?

Shou kein khasson hal nas illy 3ala hal bassat el-yom?
Allah ysa3ed hal balad ala hal mijermeen illy mkhabayeen baynatna w-nawyeenlna 3al-sharr.

As for who did it and why, well there will be major discussions and denials and accusations, each of us will have their own opinion, my prime suspect would be a syrian agent, yours will depend on which side you belong. None of the opinions will bring back those who died.

Should they by some sort of miracle ever find out who did it, I hope they execute him by strapping him down on a bus and then setting it on fire, just so that he has a taste of what he inflicted on other people.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Shoot-out at the Border

I'm not sure I'm really supposed to be happy when a shootout occurs, but I am about this one, good for our army for showing the Israelis that they won't be able to maneuver as they please. Whoever gave the order to shoot should be promoted!

In other news we would like to thank Iranians for their donation of Grad Rockets that should now be put to good use by our under-supplied Lebanese Army in fighting the Israelis, thanks for the free weapons bozo's, and may all your future "presents" be intercepted and "donated" to our Legal and Official Lebanese Army. Hizballah has asked for the rockets "back", ha ha ha, dream on .......

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The next Date on the Calendar....

We are lucky enough in Lebanon to know when the next disastrous event in the near future of our country is likely to occur.

The next date on our Disaster Calender has now been chosen, and yep, as you all may have guessed, it is February 14th, which is a combination mourning/romantic day in Lebanon (or as I like to say, the morning is for Harriri and the evening is for Habibi).

Herein lies the problem: I, as a random supposedly free citizen of this country greatly affected by the death of Rafic el-Harriri, would like to go downtown sometime during the day, to read al-Fatiha or say a prayer at the graveside on Martyr's square.

As we all know, Martyr's square has been commandeered for the last "few days" by Hizballah and co. , who have stated that they will in no way leave so that the M14 or anybody else can come over and say a prayer or whatever. So now we are in a bind:

-if you go down, you are blamed for forcing a face to face confrontation and any resulting violence that may ensue.

-if you ask them to leave for the day, they will claim you are trying to steal back martyr's square from them, or worse that you have achieved "points in the game" by making them clear out

-if you decide to sit at home, then you are a weakly coward and see: they've scared you into submission.

-also they have volunteered to mourn for him in our place "because they care just as much" , so you should have nothing to complain about, he will be mourned, just not by you

So what to do now???

Friday, February 02, 2007 somebody going to tell those idiots in Hamas and Fatah that by killing each other the only ones that are benefiting are the Israelis?