Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sanioura to stick around for a little while longer

Apparently he's not retiring any time soon, so may sad little farewell note to him was a little premature.

If the Doha agreement is to be believed and Saad has been allowed to choose the PM, the statement from M14 yesterday night was the Habeebna el-Sanioura will be coming back.

I wonder what they will call him now on el-Manar? I suggest their newscasters now say: His Excellency Sanioura "the Prime Minister who heads the legitimate government after being the non-legitimate head of the non-legitimate government for a little while when he was being a zionist american collaborator but now he isn't any more."


Ofcourse if Hassouna doesn't like having Sanioura as the PM, he can always send in a few of his goons to kill a few more Beirutees to "correct" the issue.

Monday, May 26, 2008

El Presidente

Well we finally have us a new Pres, I'll hold off on judgement till we see khairo min sharro. I'm a little inclined to be negative (e.g. decision to stand by and let hizbo goons kill citizens) but his speech wasn't too bad, and at least he wasn't wearing a white suit.
Anyway, LBC did an interview with his mum and I really liked her, so that's always a good sign.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who will he pick?

There are rumors going around that Saad will pick himself for prime minister. Although that will be a funny "fuck you" to all the M8 supporters and would make me chortle for a few minutes, I think it would be a grievous mistake. He does not have the experience to carry off this role. He is way too young they would eat him alive.
So Saad if by any chance you are taking a break form Parliament today and you happen to land at this blog, my suggestion would be 3amto Bahia: let's have our (and the Arab world's) first female prime minister.


PS. once Sanioura has retired, he too might have more time to surf the Internet, so in case he also lands on this blog, I would like to tell him that herein lies a woman who appreciated all he did in what has been a very difficult few years. He never stooped as low as they did and always steered a careful line in all the dirt, never a bad word. If he made one mistake it was that he was too clean for Lebanese politics. Bye Bye Sanioura, go enjoy your retirement you fully deserve it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well the shitheads have reached a deal

Well the shitheads have reached a deal now, and we should all rejoice.
Pity they couldn't have come to this a few years and many lost innocent lives ago.

Unfortunately I think this is far from over, because in the end this is fight not between sects, or leaders, or even Iran and America. This in fact is a simple fight between two visions for a country: one that has had enough of wars and deaths and tragedy and destruction, and one that continues to believe that continuous war and struggle is the only way to fulfill an existence.

In the end, something's gotta give.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

An empty victory

Despite what their followers think, the higher ups in Hizballah should by now be realizing what a huge mistake the 2008 Ishtiah of Beirut and the Jabal was for them.

They have lost all credibility as a resistance movement, their weapons are now tarnished with the blood of their own people, the hate they have generated towards them (and unfortunately towards the shiite community a whole) is immense. Worst of all for them , their old "weapons will never be tuned inwards" adage cannot ever be used again as an excuse.

In fact Hizballah fulfilled ALL that was predicted would happen by them. They showed their true self, what those of us who have argued against them always have known, that they are a fundamentalist , backwards bunch of goons and like any other thugs they do not know how to solve anything without the use of force.

The funny thing is, they didn't need to do anything. I mean who the fuck would have dared take down their phone network whatever the government decreed? But the story goes beyond the network or even that idiot at the airport. This has long been a plan, and they were waiting for any excuse to enact it, to what end, only time will tell.

And for this 65 Lebanese died.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well as expected in a civil war, the uncivil take to the streets, and once that happens, every psychopath has the right to "party" any which way he likes.
Starting with the killings of innocent unarmed men women and children in Beirut by the Iranian militias, through to the executions in halba, via the bombing of innocent civilians and of executions in the mountains.

I wonder who these people are who are capable of doing this and live amongst us in normal life. Are they your next door neighbour? The butcher? The baker? The candlestick maker?
Damn the all.

I feel sorry for the shiites. The regular ones who are like us and have never lifted a finger against anybody. They have been dragged into this by Hassan bin Faris and co. Now everybody hates them because they have been lumped with him and his Persian traitors.

As for Beirut, I am paradoxically happy that we did not fight back. You may think is she crazy? They were overtaken in 2 days and she feels proud? Yes I do. It showed me beyond doubt that us beirutees are not people of war, we are people of the pen not the sword, we are people of love not hate, we are people of civilization not backwardness. So yes I am proud to know to which kind of people I belong.

Having said that I am also proud of the Jabal Druze for fighting to protect their homes, or as they are now being called by the online community as per an article going round the sites the new "300".

Finally a word to the Lebanese Christians. I am so proud of you. You have shown an immense sense of growing up and learning from past mistakes. Not one bullet fired in the Christian areas of Lebanon. Keep it this way please. And pray for us that one day God will rid us of Hasan bin Faris and we will be secure in our homes too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Support Freedom Of Speech in Lebanon

Say no to forcible closure of Media Outlet whatever your affiliation.
With thanks to Mustapha at BeirutSpring for the banner.

Never make a good man angry...

See they were expecting his resignation speech.

Boy were they disappointed, the man came out blazing (in his usual quiet and composed way). I've always thought Sanioura was a good man, perhaps at times too good for Lebanese Politics more used to its dirty wiley politicians. Today however they got a good man angry.

Allah y7meeh min wasakhiton.

Hizballah silences freedom of the press: or how to turn Lebanon into Iran

I would be lying if I said that I was an avid watcher of Future Media in any of its guises, I've never been a fan of "Mouthpiece TV's" even if they belonged to my side.

However the shutting down of the Future Media offices (and the student grant offices which laughingly a major Hizballah MP and ingrate used to get money for his education), just goes to show you how Iranistan is going to behave: no freedom of press because this is how Mother Iran (and Sister Syria ofcourse) works.

Can you all Hizbiranians go live in your beloved country of Persia and leave us Lebanese alone? We want to be Lebanese not Iranian, thanks.

Friday, May 09, 2008

A message to all who support Aoun

This is a message only to all those Aoun supporters. Congratulations, now you finally see the true face of your Asshole Allies Hizballah. The "guns will never be lifted against a Lebanese" scenario that is well and truely blasted to oblivion. we kept telling you what they were and you kept refusing to believe us.

You are all traitors to Lebanon you bunch of shithead Iranian and Syrian supporters. And in case you fucking Aouni's don't think this has anything to do with Syria then I suggest you take a detour to Mustaphas' Beirut Spring blog and see which asshole's pictures are now hanging in the burnt out offices of al-mustaqbal station. Go lick Syrian and Iranian butts you and your fucking Persian allies you traitors of Lebanon.

And don't worry about us Beiruties, we've had shitheads like you here before and they all left while Beirut will always remain.

Fuck Off and Good bye.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I wasn't going to comment

I really wasn't , there's nothing to say.
I would just like to ask for the wrath of God to fall upon the head of every Lebanese who fires a weapon and is not currently in our Lebanese Army.
This will be my prayer for tonight.
Let's see if we still have a country tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Sinking of HMS Aoun

I haven't posted in so long because I'm sick and tired of the whole situation. However after the last few days fiasco's and with apologies to Aoun supporters everywhere for the harsh language, I felt I had to say something: I think Aoun is prostituting himself for the sake of his love relationship with Hizballah.

For the sake of Hassouna, Aoun has actually reached the point where he has had to publicy agree that:
It's OK for an entity to have their own private communications network in a country with which to operate outside the rule of law and government (up to Byblos no less- in case of attack from where? Cyprus?)
It's OK for an entity to monitor the country's international airport with the complicity of the head of security at the airport.
It's OK for an entity to kidnap a foreign dignitary and interrogate him "just in case he's Israeli" (so now they can detain anyone-you know- "just in case")

The country is slipping into oblivion, being dragged there by the Maniacal fundamentalist religious ruling party in Iran, their puppets hizballah and the latter's little toy Aouni, who is too dimwitted or self involved to see what is being done to him.

I do not and would not claim that the M14 have some sort of moratorium on what direction the country should be taken, however despite all their corruption, their dirty histories, and their many inadequacies, at least they are aiming a move away from the continuous wars and destabilization that Hizballah relish, and is their main raison d'etre. What would hassoun do if he didn't have a war to play with, count the hairs on his beard?