Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Morning Mr. President

Yes folks, President Obama has arrived.

An email making the rounds....

Now that things have quietened down a little in Gaza (and as usual both sides declared victory while in reality everybody lost) I would like to show these pictures doing the "email rounds". Usually, I delete any email doing "the rounds" because mostly they are so utterly stupid that you're insulted while you read them (e.g. the old Tommy Hilfiger only likes white people and Oprah kicked him off her show, or the latest gem, Adolf Eichmann tried to "save the jews" in WWII and converted to judaism during his trial , after which he was executed, cremated, his bones ground down to powder [yes in that order] and dumped at sea in a metal container).

However a few days ago I got an email that I didn't immediately delete. As usual the sender received it from "an anonymous friend" and nobody tells you who or when the photos were taken, although I know one of them is from the July 2006 war because at the time it horrified me so much (the one with the Israeli children signing love letters to Lebanese children on bombs).

I deleted the text from the email and a few of the more graphic photos that showed the faces of dead children, but I think you can still get the gist of the email: how can people who suffered so many atrocities in WWII then go and inflict suffering on someone else? Indeed humanity seems condemned to repeat its own mistakes for all time...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

From The BBC

From the BBC: Venezuela has ordered the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Caracas......

Venzuela? Hmmm...

How's about Jordan?

What you thought I was going to go on about Egypt?

No this time lets pick a country with a 75% Palestinian population. Hey Jordan, the Latin Americans have kicked out Shlomo, so what are you guys going to do?