Saturday, September 23, 2006

Well, what can I say, I don't agree with most of what was said at the rally yesterday. The only thing we agree about is the fact that the Lebanese fighters were extremely brave and strong in the face of the enemy and won all the ground battles. We are all proud that they are Lebanese and they served their country well.

About the rest of it, I disagree. I find it abominable that we are celebrating when so many people have died, so much infrastructure and so many buildings were brought down, so much of the economy was decimated, and so much hope and trust in the future has been destroyed.

For now, in Lebanon, I am still allowed to disagree. Considering the people he lauded (bashar, khaminiei) I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be allowed to disagree, because in the countries they represent nobody is allowed to disagree with the ruling authorities.

We have an evil, inhuman, and heartless enemy called Israel, let us make all the decisions about dealing with them together. There are other people in this country and their opinions must be taken into account for Lebanon to function as a viable entity. We all have a right to a say in the decisions that affect the fate of our country.

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