Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lebanon: Painting by Numbers

Apparently its all set for Thursday. That's Lebanon for you, always something going on to keep the citizenry entertained.

So if we assume that the best case scenario happens and the M14's and M8/M22 (14--->8) do not confront each other directly in street battles what is going to be the result of the demonstrations? What if the M14's decide not to give in to their demands? Will they demonstrate for ever? Will the jobs they quit be given to other people? Will we have to maneuver round them while driving in the streets of Beirut for the next few years?

The M14's have stated publicly today that they are willing to offer veto power as long as the tribunal is allowed to go through. If this is true then the M8's should jump on the offer since they have stated repeatedly that there aim never was to derail the tribunal. In the meantime we are still in a countdown for Thursday.............

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