Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let's leave the Lebanese and our politicians for a moment here. Let's go just a little to the south of us where a tragedy has been occurring more or less continuously since 1948.

Today the Israelis committed another War Crime. If anybody hasn't seen the images I suggest you log on to any one of the Arabic websites that will show you the dead women and children that were massacred in their sleep in Beit Hanoun.

My question is this, I understand that the Israelis are inhuman, I understand that the Americans are going to stand by their bastard child whatever happens, I understand that the Arabs have sunk so low on the totem pole that their opinion doesn't matter anymore, so my question is (perhaps naively) directed at the Europeans. Since you have money/organization/and clout why on earth are you not doing anything about this? How many more massacres are going to happen before you wake up? The Palestinian people are the tragedy of the modern world, and if you really espouse human rights then show them that all humans count, including them.

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