Thursday, November 02, 2006

So can anybody hazard a guess at what is going to happen when a mob takes to the streets to get what they want?

Apparently it's all in the name of democracy. Yes, the new definition of democracy says if you can't get what you want, you threaten people to get it. Democracy means you put your country in jeopardy to achieve your aims.

Also democracy apparently only works in one direction, because when you decided unilaterally to take my country to war without consulting anybody, you chose to completely ignore democracy then. So be honest, you don't believe in democracy as you claim repeatedly, but instead you advocate a decidedly selective use of democracy that is only applied when you need it to achieve your own gains. You also criticize everyone else's involvement with foreigners and for some reason, you chose to ignore the fact that the Persian Iranians are foreigners too.

The tactical error you committed this summer saw you fall into a trap that had been set up to get you for months. It gave the Idiot Israelis the excuse they wanted to invade the country. Perhaps if you had consulted the rest of us this tragedy would have been averted.

What about the Aounists? Are they going to join the mob? Is this their really their vision of the educated, modern and forward thinking Lebanon? How can they bear being involved in this fiasco? How can they bear putting Lebanon in danger from disintegration whatever the reason?

All I can say , is God help us all.

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