Sunday, February 04, 2007

The next Date on the Calendar....

We are lucky enough in Lebanon to know when the next disastrous event in the near future of our country is likely to occur.

The next date on our Disaster Calender has now been chosen, and yep, as you all may have guessed, it is February 14th, which is a combination mourning/romantic day in Lebanon (or as I like to say, the morning is for Harriri and the evening is for Habibi).

Herein lies the problem: I, as a random supposedly free citizen of this country greatly affected by the death of Rafic el-Harriri, would like to go downtown sometime during the day, to read al-Fatiha or say a prayer at the graveside on Martyr's square.

As we all know, Martyr's square has been commandeered for the last "few days" by Hizballah and co. , who have stated that they will in no way leave so that the M14 or anybody else can come over and say a prayer or whatever. So now we are in a bind:

-if you go down, you are blamed for forcing a face to face confrontation and any resulting violence that may ensue.

-if you ask them to leave for the day, they will claim you are trying to steal back martyr's square from them, or worse that you have achieved "points in the game" by making them clear out

-if you decide to sit at home, then you are a weakly coward and see: they've scared you into submission.

-also they have volunteered to mourn for him in our place "because they care just as much" , so you should have nothing to complain about, he will be mourned, just not by you

So what to do now???

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