Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Persian Question

Apparently whether we like it or not, our fate has now been linked with that of Iran. Ya farhet kalbna. As if we didn't have enough problems on our own frontiers, we are now to pay and suffer for whatever happens in a country that is thousands of miles away.

The biggest fear of course is if Bush & Co are idiotic enough to bomb Iran. The Israelis will do their utmost to encourage this. If Iran is bombed, then Hizballah "7hay-jen jnounon" and Lebanon will probably be sacrificed for "the cause".

As it is Ahmadinejad has now informed us that Iran and Lebanon are two limbs on the same body, with Lebanon apparently being the wounded limb. In my opinion, on this body, Ahmadinejad is an altogether different appendage.

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