Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yesterday my heart dropped when I heard the news. This is the kind of incident that years later would be found described in books as the "spark that ignited...". What kind of heartless bastards would kidnap a child and a man just because they or their families belong to a certain party?

The longer the political situation in Lebanon remains suspended in this void, the more opportunity it gives these "zo3ran" on all sides to enjoy themselves. They are there, waiting to reap the benefits of war, they love chaos and thrive in it. War, after all was made for people like them, not for you or me or any decent human being who relishes stability, peace, law and order.

Jumblatt talked to Berri for the first time in two months. Maybe there is still hope that the bigwigs can get their act together. I hope they start by returning the kidnapped child and man to their families and go on from there.

The UN tribunal looks to be established whatever. It would be most dignified if established through the proper Lebanese means than under chapter 7, but I think this is looking less and less likely to happen. The interesting thing is that Hizballah keeps saying that there could be major repercussion and even maybe civil war if it goes under chapter 7. Why would there be a civil war if us on the one side are pleased, and them on the other side "will never lift a finger or direct a weapon against a Lebanese", is Syed Hassan planning to break his word?

Ban ki Moon is looking into putting the Shebaa farms under UN jurisdiction. In the unlikely event that this is going to happen I wonder who is going to be more displeased the Israelis or Hizballah?

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