Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Isn't it about time we grew up?

Well isn't it? Lebanon is like the perpetual child, always leaning on someone whether it is mama Fransa or baba America or Amo Saudia or Khalo Iran or "sister" Syria. Now, we have also been adopted by the UN.

Did we really have to wait for the UN to tell us we need to monitor our borders more?
Isn't it embarrassing that the Spaniards called Iran to order el-hizb to investigate the bombing in their mini-me country in the South?
Isn't it annoying that every time Arab league wants to do something to "help" the situation in Lebanon they have to go to Syria before or after?

What the fuck is wrong with us? We are a country full of educated, intelligent , hard-working people that seem to be psychologically incapable of stopping our dependence on outside elements.

Let's try this for a change: We're on our own, nobody is propping us up, and we can make it.

Teaching your child to be independent is one of the successes of child raising. It seems our "family" has failed completely in that regard, it may be because of their own selfish plans to keep us under control, or because we just refuse to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves.

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FaiLaSooF said...

i hear you you dear. I'm sick and tired of that as much as you are and even more.

We need to have some "balls" and take responsibilities....