Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lessons from Naher el Bared

The victory of our Army against the maniacs in Naher el Bared has united the Lebanese for the first time across most of their factions behind one cause, a very rare situation in Lebanon. A few lessons might be learned by different stakeholders in this conflict:

1) any Lebanese idiot who supported al-qaeda extremist salafist idiotic ideology will now have to think twice about acting on or voicing such an opinion, so al-qaeda's support base in Lebanon is more or less annihilated for the time being (a point discussed by Mustapha on his blog, Beirut Spring)

2) the army's prestige and uniting presence has been elevated to its highest point I can remember. Their inginuity and bravery in the battle (are they going to patent the helicopter manual bombing system?) and the fact that they won despite an utter lack of resources, only reminds makes us more grateful and supporting of them.

3) Hizballah lost points by setting a red line which was crossed and erased, as well as by the fact that their fighters/weapons were seen as not useful to the WHOLE of Lebanon, only being mobilised by their religious leaders for one area of the country, and against only one enemy.

4) The Palestinians will hopefully have learnt not to harbour such foreign criminals inbetween them and allow them to grow and fester (the palestinain salafi's are another problem they need to solve).

5) That's one camp that hopefully will never be allowed to self police or carry weapons ever again (if you believe the media sources), 3qbal the other camps. What other country on Earth is FORCED to allow non-citizens to carry weapons I ask you?

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