Sunday, November 25, 2007

The One Good Thing

The one good thing that came out of last Friday's fiasco is that we finally got rid of that nincompoop Lahoud. He left at midnight, and the celebratory fireworks immediately started in Beirut. We all can now breathe a sigh of relief for this small mercy: raw7a bala raj3a. The extension of his term was the igniting cause for the murder and mayhem, if he had any dignity, he would have resigned the day after that first assassination. M14 should have been allowed to depose him when they had the momentum but they were stopped by someone who should have known better, and it's no use crying over spilled milk now. Let's just mop up and move on.

Anyway, we can now relegate him to the bowels of history where he belongs.

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Anonymous said...

Please review the mans history as army cheif and president before casting a judgment.Other than the extension which was agreed upon by almost everyone crying foul now his term was without a blemish compared to the "nincompoops" that have been our presidents since independence day this guy was a gem