Thursday, November 22, 2007

One more day to go....

Poor old Kouchner has spent more time in Lebanon this past month than in France. I wonder if he realised when they handed him the ministry that the "foreign" part was going to be exclusive to only one foreign country. He probably left a few days ago pretty sure that the problem had been solved, only to find that he had to return because he had trusted that the idiots that had to get together to vote for a president and save the country would actually go ahead and do so.

I hear that Spanish foreign minister is coming today. Spain, we didn't know you cared! Amr Moussa just left, I'm not sure why he came here in the first place since the Arab League are famous at achieving nothing. They do like to get together from time to time though where they talk a lot and fight a lot and embarrass themselves as well as inevitably achieve nothing. Who else, oh yeah, the Russians met with Saad in Moscow and then put out a hilarious statement that there shouldn't be any foreign interference in the elections , I mean ha ha ha, joke of the century. I like their deputy foreign minister's name: Alexander Sultanov, isn't that just the cutest? The Americans seem to be keeping a low profile these days, if you don't count Feltman met this and Feltman met that, but we're so used to Feltman interfering now that we count him as one of ours rather than one of their's.
The Iranian machinations always come out at the last minute via their Lebanese spokesman Nasrallah, usually to trample upon any glimmer of hope we have. Incidentally, our best clue for this "glimmer of hope" for a solution seems to be the fact that the Syrians have finally been invited to Annapolis (and I'll eat my hat if anything actually gets solved there).

In this last day before all shit hits the fan, or before a new beginning for the country, let us reflect on how annoyed we all are when we see footage and pictures of Parliament members from rival groups schmoozing, smiling, chatting and joking with each other as if nothing is happening, while we citizens of this country are dying a thousand deaths every day due to worry. I hate them all, each and every one of them, is that OK?

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