Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Who's Blocking the Arab initiative?

In the never ending story that is the politics in this country, a nice clue about who is blocking Amr Moussa et co. finally came to us from the mouth of the Syrian arse-lick Nasser Qandil who accused Moussa of being biased towards M14. What, didn't Qandil's team like a proposal that didn't give them absolutely everything?

As for the "protesters" against the electricity cuts, I'd like to remind everyone that the minister of electricity who deserted his post (but still attends when he feels like it) is M8. Why don't they all go and protest outside his house and burn rubbish in the streets of his neighbourhood?

and as an addendum, Kouchner definitely stopped being diplomatic and layed the blame on one side, after all he did promise us earlier that if no deal was struck, he was going to tell......

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