Friday, May 09, 2008

A message to all who support Aoun

This is a message only to all those Aoun supporters. Congratulations, now you finally see the true face of your Asshole Allies Hizballah. The "guns will never be lifted against a Lebanese" scenario that is well and truely blasted to oblivion. we kept telling you what they were and you kept refusing to believe us.

You are all traitors to Lebanon you bunch of shithead Iranian and Syrian supporters. And in case you fucking Aouni's don't think this has anything to do with Syria then I suggest you take a detour to Mustaphas' Beirut Spring blog and see which asshole's pictures are now hanging in the burnt out offices of al-mustaqbal station. Go lick Syrian and Iranian butts you and your fucking Persian allies you traitors of Lebanon.

And don't worry about us Beiruties, we've had shitheads like you here before and they all left while Beirut will always remain.

Fuck Off and Good bye.

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Marillionlb said...

Ya Lebanessa,

Those idiots have their heads shoved so far up their masters asses, that they still think they are on the right track and that their cause is just and divine.
I am afraid that "Dawlat al fakih" has started, and soon those orange idiots will see the Hizb turn on them. It will be too late!
Fuck them all !!!!!