Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Sinking of HMS Aoun

I haven't posted in so long because I'm sick and tired of the whole situation. However after the last few days fiasco's and with apologies to Aoun supporters everywhere for the harsh language, I felt I had to say something: I think Aoun is prostituting himself for the sake of his love relationship with Hizballah.

For the sake of Hassouna, Aoun has actually reached the point where he has had to publicy agree that:
It's OK for an entity to have their own private communications network in a country with which to operate outside the rule of law and government (up to Byblos no less- in case of attack from where? Cyprus?)
It's OK for an entity to monitor the country's international airport with the complicity of the head of security at the airport.
It's OK for an entity to kidnap a foreign dignitary and interrogate him "just in case he's Israeli" (so now they can detain anyone-you know- "just in case")

The country is slipping into oblivion, being dragged there by the Maniacal fundamentalist religious ruling party in Iran, their puppets hizballah and the latter's little toy Aouni, who is too dimwitted or self involved to see what is being done to him.

I do not and would not claim that the M14 have some sort of moratorium on what direction the country should be taken, however despite all their corruption, their dirty histories, and their many inadequacies, at least they are aiming a move away from the continuous wars and destabilization that Hizballah relish, and is their main raison d'etre. What would hassoun do if he didn't have a war to play with, count the hairs on his beard?


Hala said...

The General Aoun is challenging a Christian vs. muslim prejudice, and a sunnite vs. shiite one as well. If you can't see that it's because you're too engrained in you sectarian identity. He's asking you to be Lebanese first, christian, or whatever, second. Hezbollah is yet another group of Lebanese that need to be guided into Lebanese citizenry and democracy, which they have been clueless about in the past. The backward and obtuse reaction is to look down on them and maintain the unspoken social cast system, which is what marginalized shiites and led to the creation of Hezbollah in the first place. The evolved reaction is to meet them half way, treat them with respect, and initiate them into the modern democratic principles which they have ignored so far. That's what the General Aoun is doing.

Lalebanessa said...

dear hala,
just to put your mind at ease, I'm am a sunni from Beirut married to a shiite from Nabatieh, so You don't need to teach me any lessons in tolerance or respect or integration or any of the holier than though language that you espouse.

As for you, if you don't see the Iranian hand controlling Hizballah, then you are being very naive, and as a Aoun supporter, if you yourself don't stand up and tell Aoun that even if he is against the government (which is his right) he should never utter words that would be against the state such as:saying it is OK for group outside the state the to wage wars, have communication systems, kidnap and interogate civilians, police and foreigners, and monitor airports etc.

Is this what your ideal version of Lebanon is to become? Well if it isn't let me tell you that you are enabling this by standing with Hizballah.

I saw an interview with Hizballah's naeem kassem on iranian television do you know what he said? He said that every time they decided to strike a major target in Israel during the july war, they called on their wali al Faqih for his religious approval.yippee for us.

The problem with Aoun, is that he is in such dire need of Hizballah now, that he is not allowed to say no to anything they do any more, even when their actions are so against what any state would allow by a group within its borders.

My advice to you is stand up to your leader when he says somehting wrong, otherwise he becomes just another middle eastern dictator, and when you see Hizballah do something that is so obviously against any future hope for a stable viable Lebanese state, then just say No.

lalebanessa said...

"holier than though"
that was supposed to say "thou"
my spelling is getting worse by the minute, even spellcheck can't keep up with my spelling mistakes anymore.