Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who will he pick?

There are rumors going around that Saad will pick himself for prime minister. Although that will be a funny "fuck you" to all the M8 supporters and would make me chortle for a few minutes, I think it would be a grievous mistake. He does not have the experience to carry off this role. He is way too young they would eat him alive.
So Saad if by any chance you are taking a break form Parliament today and you happen to land at this blog, my suggestion would be 3amto Bahia: let's have our (and the Arab world's) first female prime minister.


PS. once Sanioura has retired, he too might have more time to surf the Internet, so in case he also lands on this blog, I would like to tell him that herein lies a woman who appreciated all he did in what has been a very difficult few years. He never stooped as low as they did and always steered a careful line in all the dirt, never a bad word. If he made one mistake it was that he was too clean for Lebanese politics. Bye Bye Sanioura, go enjoy your retirement you fully deserve it.


Blacksmith Jade said...

Reading your title I thought the post would be about the next Army Commander (or as ppl like to refer to the post now, the next next President). Seems to me that after Hizballah's attack on Beirut and given the 1/3 blocking vote that that post would be more interesting to follow.

On Siniora, we're in agreement.

Lalebanessa said...

next next president :) I like that.

Yes it will be interesting to know who's taking up the position, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they kill off one of the prime candidates a while back in preparation for this moment?

Blacksmith Jade said...


Looks like the leading front runners for the post are Gen. Khoury (military intel) and Gen. Qahwaji.

The assassinated general you're thinking of is Gen. Francois el Hajj. He was the Army's cheif of operations, and yeah he was a very strong candidate.