Thursday, August 28, 2008

The rope is unravelling

It's falling apart, a little bit unravels here, a little there, till there is nothing holding this country together anymore. The problem is when one faction is above the law, then all the other factions try to achieve the same status.

You hear the news, none of it pushes the country over the edge, yet, but the incidents are increasing, the lawlessness getting more and more obvious, the fighting in Tripoli, the fighting in Baalbeck, Ras el nabe3,Kaskas, and now the killing of an army captain in a helicopter over Hizballah territory.

Again I won't play the who did it guessing game.
Who did it in this country depends on who you support politically, so I know who I think did it and you know who you think did it. The end is still the same, a soldier was murdered flying over airspace in his own country.

I really need to remove the little spiel in my sidebar, I don't think I'm very hopeful anymore. I think we are going to suffer a great deal inflicted internally and from the outside before any real order is restored, if it is ever restored.

But hey, at least they let us have this summer.....

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