Friday, September 19, 2008

Schizophrenic Country Part II

As you all may have noticed, the big bozo's have decided to get together and talk it out. In the meantime, they will pretend that the country isn't going to the dogs around their heads, and that incidents involving the citizenry using their "personal/ moqawama/ defense/ hunting/ whatever excuse you want" weapons aren't now a daily occurrence in this lawless land.

Where the fuck is the army and internal security?

How's about a law that says ANYONE caught with a weapon in public for WHATEVER reason will be arrested and put in jail .Or if they like weapons and fighting so much, why don't we just draft anyone and his weapon into the army for couple of years, hey, the army needs weapons anyways!

Well, OK, enough joking around. Nobody in this godforsaken land is going to give up any weapons as long as Hizballah has theirs, and Hizballah is never going to give up their weapons advantage of might= right, because how else can they force those who don't agree with them to do what they want? As for protecting us from the Isrealis, this begs the previously theoretical but now very valid question of "who's going to protect us from Hizballah?"

So the conclusion is folks: more crappy times ahead,and no solution on the horizon.


Marillionlb said...

Dear "eternally hopeful"

The army has never protected it's people, mainly because it was always ordered to stand aside and not participate. As far as i am concerned the army as it is is useless and a big waiste of money; and guess what? we elect the head of such army to Baabda. As for the weapons also remember that many of the weapons now present have licences (mourakhass).
Yes the future is gloomy, but I do hope that you remain hopeful, Miracles can happen !

Lalebanessa said...

I have lived in a country where the general citizenry aren't allowed access to weapons (UK)and one where they are (US).Believe me the former is a much better option than the latter.

In my "daydream" situation, all licenses for citizens carrying weapons would be cancled in this country.I think the Lebanese have shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted with any sort of weapons for any reason.

Ofcourse this would also require the proper "rule of law"to be actually functioning.So that brings us back to square one.

But like I said, my unrealistic hopes are nowhere near any on the ground reality, starting with Hizballahs weapons--->everybody else wants weapons--> etc. neverending story.

As for " eternally hopefull",let's put it this way,the only reason the words are still there is because I'm too lazy to go and remove them.

Marillionlb said...

I too lived in England and traveled regularly to the US, I do agree with you. And honestly I am glad that there are still some people who are "eternally hopeful", it gives me hope and a sens that all is not yet lost. As for the arms of Hizbullah, just like others before them they are not eternal. But I would like to see them dealt with swiftly and quickly, knowing damn well that it is very risky. But this is the only way out that I see.