Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaza: Day 4

More massacres, more dead, pictures of dead children all over the news.

Where else in the world could such a thing happen and the perpetrator allowed to get away with it. No sanctions, no cutting of relations, only feeble voices of condemnation that achieve nothing. And still the civilians die, the Palestinians remain without a land, and without any human rights.

A new low for the Arabs: the Arab league won't even have an emergency meeting to put out their usual useless statement this time.

Jordan: not yet withdrawn their ambassador (but unlike the 2006 Lebanon war, I hear they're "considering it", well ta very much)

Egypt: in deep trouble as they are seen as aiding and abetting.
Nasrallah decides to be his usual condescending self and declared his own personal war on Egypt.

Nothing will ever change.
I hate the Middle East.

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