Monday, December 01, 2008

Two old enemies falling apart

The Lebanese media has been rife recently with news of the problems in the two diametrically opposed parties, the Kataeb and the SSNP.

These lifelong enemies seem to be going through tough patches at the same time. In fact their destinies have always kind of been intertwined , whether in conception (both with Nazi flavors), their battles , assassinations and constant animosity (which leaves no room for resolution of conflict), and now it seems , in their final swan song.

One is dying because it is a private family enterprise with an unsavory history, in a time where people are (slowly) waking up from their "follow a family" stupor. The other is on its way out because in a time of growing nationalism , they refuse to reexamine their original now inapplicable principles. Add to this the takeover of the party by the less palatable elements under the pure control of the Syrians, they have become thugs and a joke rather than a party.

To tell the truth, I couldn't care less if both parties fizzle out. In fact I wish that all parties and politicians that had anything to do with the civil war would follow suit. We need new people with new ideas, new thoughts. We need people who will come to serve (rather than rule) this country, and drag us kicking and screaming, into civilization.