Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Change of direction.....

I've decided to change the direction of this blog. In the last few months I've noticed my blogging has ground down to a halt and it's mainly because I'm sick and tired of crappy Lebanese politics. The last straw is allowing 18 year old children to vote while I'm not allowed a say in my own country's politics because I'm living abroad. Anyone who remembers what idiots they were at the age of 18 raise your hands up and say Aye! The irony is that Lebanon wouldn't exist if it wasn't for expat money propping it up, and these expats don't get a say in the elections.

So I'm changing the direction of this blog so it's more personal interest and less politics. As such if you're interested in the following; photography, BSG, environment, movies/TV, science, life in general, you might be entertained, and if you're still trying to convince the "other side" that they're wrong about Lebanon, you will be sorely disappointed with the direction that this blog is taking.


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