Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are any other Lebanese as tired of Lebanese politicians as I am?

I'm sick of all the endless talk, the hidden agendas, the backstabbing , the maneuvering for the best positions. Every five minutes somebody appears on TV and rants and raves about other politicians or sect leaders and their deficiencies and mistakes, conveniently ignoring their own deficiencies and mis-steps.

Can we have new politicians please?
......who are not religious leaders so that we are allowed to criticize them without being accused of insulting a religious sect?
......who are not surgically attached to their political seats?
......who will serve in their position rather than try to make more money for themselves out of it ?
......who are not all related to each other one way or another?
......who have no blood on their hands?
......who don't identify themselves with one group of Lebanese, but identify all Lebanese as one group?

Is this just too much wishful thinking?

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