Friday, December 15, 2006

Ana bikrah Isra-eel wa ba7ib Amr Moussa.......

Mr Moussa is leaving, having disclosed very little about his meetings. He promises us a solution within two can only hope. There's a new formula in the works (10+1+19) and talk about meetings regarding the tribunal, and something about removing the guy who still thinks he is president. I wonder why Mr. Moussa is leaving at this critical juncture? Probably, he just needs a break from Lebanese Politics. It is well known to be detrimental to your health if not taken in small divided doses.

In the meantime, PM Sanioura is in Russia which begs the question of what is the use of surrounding someone in the Serail when they can "escape" whenever they want.

I've noticed less coverage of downtown and other Lebanese problems lately, it seems the world is getting a little bored with us.

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