Friday, December 08, 2006

It's all Sanioura's fault......

The war was in no way a result of Hizballah's actions.

Now we know the dirty secret: the war was caused by PM Sanioura. He personally called up Olmert and told him to destroy the country. The war had nothing to do with a trap set up by the Israelis for months, waiting for Nasrallah to make his idiotic move.
What's more the ISF traitors were actively looking for Nasrallah during the war so that they could tag him for the Israelis. Hmmmm.....are we getting a little paranoid buddy?

I saw Sanioura a few days before the war, walking downtown, smiling at the people and their families having a nice early evening stroll. Didn't strike me as a man planning to annihilate his own country. Of course, I must be mistaken, because Nasrallah tells me that he himself is the only patriotic person left in Lebanon. Everybody who disagrees with him apparently, must be in collusion with the enemy.

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