Monday, December 04, 2006

It's all starting to unravel.....

A young man died yesterday. A mother lost her son, a sister lost her brother. He was only twenty years old. What did the people who organized this think was going to happen if they start an "open ended" provocation . If they had made their statement on their first day and left it at that, this young man might still be alive. Did they really think they were going to be able to control everyone all the time to keep it "peaceful". And I fear it's only going to get worse.

I hope Hassan Nasrallah knows that this young man's blood is on his hands now, whoever pulled the trigger.

What I don't understand about the opposition is that they demand and demand and demand but are not willing to give up anything in return. All take and no give. No give Lahoud, no give weapons, no give firm OK for tribunal. They could have so rejoined the government for one session to OK the tribunal and then resigned again to prove their honest intentions. But no , they talk the talk -they claim they will OK the tribunal (just give them veto power) and once they get the Veto they'll start: but in the UN?With Europeans judging our dear Syrian friends? With so and so as the judge? No let's have the tribunal here and let everybody get away with murder as usual, or better still the Syrians try their own citizens in Syria.

I'm sick of it all.

Here's a piece of advice for Hizballah, if you want to achieve your goals, how about giving as well as taking?


Anonymous said...

I hate to disagree here, but this is called "blaming the victim".

La Lebanessa said...

Dear Crimzon Stripes

I defenitly do not blame the victim. I mourn another Lebanese life lost needlessly.

The person who pulled the trigger needs to be caught and punished (one can only hope) but
I do blame the organisers of an open ended demonstration in a country that is teetering on the brink. Did they not see that this is could concievabley happen when they did their planning?

I believe the only way this can be solved without furthur tragedy is for both sides to give up something. I personally thought the offer with the two non-voting ministers was a way through, so yes, I do feel that Hizballah's obstinancy is to blame.

Walid said...

One issue is that the opposition no onger trusts the government to carry through with their bargaining promises. How can this trust be regained unless Siniora starts standing up against the instructions to renege against his own promises?

La Lebanessa said...

Hi Walid,

The government have repeatedly claimed that the most important thing is the tribunal going through. Hizballah have repeatedly claimed that they're "all for" the tribunal. If Hizballah don't have faith in the government's intentions and are really all for the tribunal anyway, they should approve the tribunal and take the issue out of play, fully exposing the government if they are lying.

But I think Walid, that the tribunal is infact a big sticking point for Hizballah. If they approve it as is, then alot of Syrians are going to be very unhappy and the route for weapons transport will be closed.