Thursday, December 21, 2006

New TV's Idiot Employees

So these wonderful " journalists" decided to break in to Siddiq's Apartment to run their own investigation on the Harriri Murder. Apparently Brammertz isn't doing a good enough job and they wanted to give him a hand. They didn't see the guy stationed by the security forces with instructions to watch the apartment who took pictures of them breaking and entering. They didn't bother with gloves, leaving their fingerprints all over the place. They also decided to take a few choice documents and videos from the apartment.

All this I can understand. They're just your basic garden variety idiots (I'll ignore conspiracy theories for now). What I don't understand is the uproar against them being arrested: apparently arresting them violates the "freedom of the press". I didn't realize freedom of the press meant freedom to break the law, become thieves, and tamper with evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation.
Hooray for our twisted interpretations of freedom, it's what's keeping our country so "civilized".

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