Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Up in Flames

Beirut is up in flames. As if we didn't need any more pollution now we have to contend with the burning tires and rubble bussed in to close off our streets.

I wonder if these people understand that they are encroaching on someone else's living space? Would they accpet the March 14ers "peacefully" burning tires in Dahieh and not say anything?When they protested downtown, they claimed they were facing off with the government , is there a government ministry I don't know about on Mar Elias? Corniche el Mazraa? El- Raouche?

Is this the kind of democracy they are meaning to educate us about? The kind where I don't want to let you go to work.school.university and therefore I will enforce my will on yours since I don't care that you want to go to work. school.university. You do as I say or I'll burn the house down?

They've repeatedly told us how clean they are and how dirty we all supposedly are. Well look above you at the skies you blackened with your own hands, and tell me how clean we all feel today.

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