Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Army

I don't know why all the fuss about the army's behaviour, each side is actually blaming the army for acting in collusion with the other side. This of course means that the army actions were totally centered.
I think the army were acting under very stressful circumstances and the fact that civil war did not break out on Tuesday was mainly due to them standing there and preventing it from happening.

If Nasrallah thinks civil war didn't break out because of the indibat of his Indibat, then he is more delusional that I think. But my favorite crazyman of the moment is Orangina who says that the strike was a success (despite reports of between 5-8 people dying- of course to him they don't really matter as long as it gets him to the chair) because 90% of the people didn't go to work. He unfortunately was ignoring the fact that those who were FORCED to stay at home despite wanting to go to work shouldn't count in his delusional equation. Yay for their clean and honest politics!

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