Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Day Another Tragedy

What can you say about this country? Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. When will this ever end? How much are we supposed to bear?

Shou kein khasson hal nas illy 3ala hal bassat el-yom?
Allah ysa3ed hal balad ala hal mijermeen illy mkhabayeen baynatna w-nawyeenlna 3al-sharr.

As for who did it and why, well there will be major discussions and denials and accusations, each of us will have their own opinion, my prime suspect would be a syrian agent, yours will depend on which side you belong. None of the opinions will bring back those who died.

Should they by some sort of miracle ever find out who did it, I hope they execute him by strapping him down on a bus and then setting it on fire, just so that he has a taste of what he inflicted on other people.

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What is "Occupation" said...

what has happened is that the virus of arafat has been released...

For many years this type of destruction was celebrated in the arab world when the victims were israelis or jews...

now the the arab world (and the west) and all those that funded, supported celebrated this type of insanity will have to come to grips with this insanity.

Once the world correctly embraces the notion that blowing up buses with civilians is disgusting NO MATTER WHO IS RIDING ON THEM (with the exception of a bus load of armed suicide bombers) then there is a chance for peace.

For decades Israel has had to deal with this insanity, since the islamic world had no problem with this the idea was supported, refined and people have been trained.

these same people now go after each other..

look in iraq, look in jordan and egypt...

As an Israeli supported and an American I am disgusted with these actions when aimed at America and Israel, and believe it or not when they are aimed at civilians in iraq and lebanon.

I could only hope that this object lesson will not be loss on the lebanese...

blowing up buses is evil..

to target civilians intentionally is evil...