Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just in case anybody out there is in any doubt that the people we are fighting against are utter evil, yesterday they shot at the Lebanese Cross Ambulance and killed two members and critically wounded the third. These people are just psychopaths, pure and simple.

This phenomenon which is taking over the Islamic world should be wiped out wherever it is found. If us moderate Muslims (who's numbers seem to be dwindling as I write) do not halt the hijacking of our religion by the radicals, then really, what hope is there for this religion to go forward instead of backwards?

Recently, I've been wishing for an Ataturk to come and take over in Lebanon. I know it is extreme, but in the end when you separate (or wipe out) religion from politics, then religion becomes what it always should have been, a way to have a personal communication with God, not an excuse to kill and maim and rule and impose your opinion on everybody else.

I once read a quote by a Egyptian Traveller (who is famous but who's name escapes me). He visited Europe and said: I've just been to a place full of Islam with no Muslims, and came back to a place that is full of Muslims but no Islam.

I couldn't agree with him more.

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