Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yet Another Explosion

Another anti-Syrian MP is assassinated. This time along with his son, bodyguards, and several people passing by.

I'm not sure how the pro-Syrians factions explain these assassinations to themselves. I mean they have to justify it somehow or another to be able to live with themselves and who they've decided to join hands with. On Manar TV one of the commentators is blaming the Americans. How's about blaming someone a little closer? Is standing with Syria worth it Nasarallah, will you sacrifice the whole of Lebanon so you can have a route for your weapons?

As for the Aounists, I mean really, your whole thing was being anti-Syrian this and anti-Syrian that, suddenly you're on the Syrian side of the equation and Syrian politicians are praising Aoun and saying what a good president he'd make? Is it worth selling your soul so Aoun can become president?

So yet again, another post goes to condolences for people who lost their lives because of tragedy in our country. May God rest their souls in peace.

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