Thursday, June 21, 2007

One more border crossing to go....

The Syrian Mafia is back on the rampage , this time economically. In a repeat performance, the Syrians are trying to isolate us from our export destinations. What can we do about this?

Let me preface this by saying I'm no economist, so this is pure amateur speculation.

From what I understand Syria mainly depends on Saudi-Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and more recently Turkey for their exports. Now if the Syrians shut down the borders to our exports (note to M8's : notice about how much they seem to care about you) then effectively we are stuck .....unless our allies clamp down on them.

This is when it gets great identifying with Arab allies. If the Saudis close their borders to Syrian trucks arriving via Jordan, that at least would put a serious squeeze on Bashar et Co. I don't know how dependent the Jordanians are on Syria for their own exports, so this may play against us in the equation, yet they are also allies and have big economic deals with the US who may push for the border closure against the Syrians.

The Turks have just signed a trade agreement with Syria, and I'm not sure they really care about us one way or the other to do anything to the Syrians, but the EU can and may impose sanctions if push comes to shove.

The Arab League itself may come into play, though who knows if that will go with or against us (just look at Qatar's recent performance at the UN).

The Question is: will anybody do any of this for us?

If anybody reading this knows more about the trade/economics in question, do post in the comments section, I'm really interested to know the details and effects of what could happen, and if there is anything we can actually do about it.

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