Monday, August 06, 2007

At least it was democracy...

Yes, whoever won in the end, even if it wasn't our side, it was a pretty democratic election process. I'm sure there will be appeals and so on and so forth, but Aoun won.
There weren't any major security incidents so mar2et 3ala kheir elhamdillah. Lets hope all sides keep cool heads in the coming few days until the major tensions pass.
I wonder though, when the poor bloke will see the inside of the parliment as his ally Nabih said he doesn't recognise the results and won't open the parliment anyway. I wonder if there is any country in the world where one person can decide to keep the parliment closed like this. We are an interesting bunch , us Lebanese.

Oh yeh, Itani won in Beirut. It's good to know us Beirutis are united in where we stand.
Some poor bloke who ran against him got only 13 votes.
He must have a very small family.

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Mustapha said...

Do you know that one candidate actually got ZERO votes? I wonder what he felt when the Minister of Interior announced the results.. wlik 7atta huwwé ma ntakhab 7alou :)