Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So let's take a guess at what the surprise could be:
-a sleeper cell
-a weapon of "relatively" mass destruction
-anti-aircraft missiles (that actually work)

are my three top guesses, what are yours?

and why or why do I have the feeling the surprise will bring more destruction on our heads than on Isreali heads?

So he has his own army, starts off wars by himself without bothering to consult the government or any elected officials, has his own private telephone network running alonglside the official telephone network, his people function completely out of reach of the law, he has his own stock of weapons which he uses only when he feels like it (we could have used a few of your weapons in nahr-el-bared buddy), and has personal communication with heads of state of other countries.

So here's my question, why doesn't he stop the pretense and just form his own new country and get it over and done with already?

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