Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another one down....

Yes folks, over here in Lebanon, you don't need to win any elections, you can just paralyze the country and wait till enough of the majority is assasinated, 'cause that is a sure fire way that they lose their majority.

If you are of a sensetive nature please stop reading now, what I am going to say is not very eloquent but will express exactly how I feel right at this moment:

Fuck Hizballah the traitors. You have betrayed the people of your own country, you have stood with their killers against your own brothers.

Fuck all of March 8 all together and every little useless hizbs that makes them up.

Especially fuck Aoun, hey Aoun baby , another one has died you wanna run for his seat? What an opportunity, it can't be missed.

Fuck the Iranian Government and all their backwards rulers, and fuck the people who are letting them influence this country, as if we didn't have enough backwards neanderthals living here already, you now go and import some from a foreign country.

But most of ALL and the biggest SCREW YOU and FUCK YOU goes to Bashar and the whole Assad Family and their Syrian Mafia.

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