Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Israelis send jet fighters to Syrian airspace: what will Syrians do in return?

Whatever the cause of this mission, testing Syrian air defenses, checking on weapons load going to hizballah, testing out a route to bomb Iran, or checking for new nuclear installations, we now wait with baited breath at the Syrian reply!

Will they send Syrian jet fighters back to bomb (or the latest euphemism for bombing"drop munitions") on the Israelis and violate their airspace in return? Will they send a few warning rockets into the North of Israel?Will they launch a major offensive to free the Golan Heights?

Ha ha ha, yeh sure.

They complained to the UN and they will do absolutely nothing else. Our dear regional bullies are a bunch of big fat COWARDS.
They'll just hope that the incident will "go away" with time as people move on to other news. Isn't that what they have always done?

Old Joke: how long will the Syrians fight the Israelis? Answer: till the last Lebanese breath.

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