Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The strange case of Shaker el-Abssi..

There is a body lying in the morgue, and nobody knows who it is.

The wife still insists it's el-Abssi, he was also identified by the religious sheiks from the camp who were trying to mediate with fateh-al islam during the war, but the DNA tests comparing his DNA to his children's and brother's DNA show it is not him. What's going on here?

From the wife's side several things could be going on:
1) the most logical is that the woman lied so that her husband would have as much time as possible to get away
2) or she didn't lie, the wounds were so extreme she made a mistake
3) she cheated on her husband and his kids aren't his (though that doesn't explain the brother's DNA not matching)

From the DNA side
1) they messed up the DNA test - though this is highly unlikely
2) the DNA test gives a 99.99 chance that it is right, well that means there is a 0.01 chance it is wrong, and maybe the statistical jackpot has just struck this time.

From Shaker al-Abssi's side
1) Maybe this was never Shaker el-abssi in the first place , just someone impersonating him, and everyone including his wife has been fooled into thinking it was him (I mean she couldn't have seen much of him during his life, what with him being in prison and fighting one cause after the other).

Okay that last one is a bit of a stretch, I've been watching way too much TV lately (coupled with my Arabic disposition to seeing conspiracies behind every event).

The most likely thing is that his wife is a lying cow and the man either escaped or is lying under the rubble of Naher el Bared somewhere.

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