Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will They, Won't They....

...decide on someone by November 12th that is.
Who knows? Who cares?
OK we still care, but only just.
At least they're meeting again. They put us through all this shit for two years and have left it till now to finally realise that time is indeed running out for this country.
What pisses me off the most, is that they'll probably smile and hug and kiss when they see each other like long lost pals, and they'll probably sit down and have dinner and a drink, while they let us stew.
Whoever you choose, get it over and done with already, so we can move on to the next chapter in the story. Knowing Lebanon, the next chapter is very likely to be worse than this one, but hey, we can still hope, right?


Anonymous said...

Choosing a consnsus president is just putting a bandaid on severed artery.The problems that Lebanon faces are multifaceted and are interconnected with the regional political and inter-releigous conflicts.The young nation of lebanon will never and be stable before the whole region is stable.The leaders of the different groups that form this divided country are all rotten each in his own way and the people seem to like them that way.I can see no hope as long as these leaders pay lip service to the country while their true loyalties lay somewhere else ,somewhere they feel can provide them protection and leverage over other groups,and what is sad is that the followers of these leaders agree with whatever they do or say even if deep down they know it is wrong because of this real or imagined fear of the other group and the hope that the leader will unite and protect them.
These fears are not unique to lebanon but are reflected through out the region.
In lebanon these fears will continue to grow and linger and manifest in multiple political crises and strife with the ever present possibility of escelation into violence as long as thay are fed by these regional conflicts and fears.So you see my dear lebanesa solve the issues of this god forsaken middle east and lebanon will surely follow.

Lalebanessa said...

Unfortunately anon, if we sit around waiting for the "Middle East solution" we may find that we've lost our country in the meantime. This is why we should strive to move this counrty forward despite the continuing tragedy that is the Middle East. We might not get very far, but we might get part of the way there, and that would be better than where we are now.
As for the leader/non-questioning follower scenario that is so prevelant here, I totally agree with you, the situation nauseating.