Sunday, November 04, 2007

Condaleezee Tilhasteezee is back

She's Baaaaackkkk...
Yes the promoter of doom and gloom, the proponents of "birth pangs" that have a high child mortality rates, is back to stun us with more of her wisdom.

Apparently she cares oh so much about us, enough to allow the Israelis to butcher as many as they like of our people and get away with it, to keep parts of of our land and get away with it, to destroy the country's infrastructure and get away with it, to keep maps of cluster weapon positions to themselves and get away with it, but still, she loves us , she really really does.

Now, her latest efforts are aimed at derailing talks between the opposition and the majority. Just the fact that CT wants to stop them is a sure sign that they MUST keep going.

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