Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let's piss him off and choose a consensus candidate

Is there any better reason to choose a consensus candidate than the fact that both Condaleeze and Nasrallah don't want him?
Yes folks we all heard the speech, in case any of us had started feeling an itsy bit of hope, he made sure to quash that with his usual poison-spewing, to make sure he would prevent any agreement that might stabilise the country. You see in an unstable country, it is much easier to run your own army and have wars whenever you want.
Actually the man I feel sorry for the most is Nabih Berri, the poor guy looked as shocked as the rest of us by the latest orders from Iran.
There's only a few days left before the shit hits the fan one way or another, if they don't sort it out by then, it may very well be Sayonara Lebanon.

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