Thursday, May 15, 2008

An empty victory

Despite what their followers think, the higher ups in Hizballah should by now be realizing what a huge mistake the 2008 Ishtiah of Beirut and the Jabal was for them.

They have lost all credibility as a resistance movement, their weapons are now tarnished with the blood of their own people, the hate they have generated towards them (and unfortunately towards the shiite community a whole) is immense. Worst of all for them , their old "weapons will never be tuned inwards" adage cannot ever be used again as an excuse.

In fact Hizballah fulfilled ALL that was predicted would happen by them. They showed their true self, what those of us who have argued against them always have known, that they are a fundamentalist , backwards bunch of goons and like any other thugs they do not know how to solve anything without the use of force.

The funny thing is, they didn't need to do anything. I mean who the fuck would have dared take down their phone network whatever the government decreed? But the story goes beyond the network or even that idiot at the airport. This has long been a plan, and they were waiting for any excuse to enact it, to what end, only time will tell.

And for this 65 Lebanese died.

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